I have always been interested in family meal traditions and rituals.  What  foods people always make  for holiday or events. But what I really want to know is WHY? What traditions do you carry from your childhood? Have you created new traditions based on  your life situation?  Do you have  any sad or unhappy  associations with any traditions or foods?  I will be collecting stories and recipes to share on my blog.  I invite  all of you to “bring something to the table.”  Bring your stories, your heartfelt moments, your tragedies and your hopes.  Supply a recipe, if you would like to share.  Be anonymous, or  give out your name.  Send a photo.  My only request is that you speak from your heart.

There is now a Facebook page called Bring Something to the Table.  Please feel free to join and visit.  You can also email at bringsomethingtothetableblog@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from all who have a story to tell.

Lets get started.

Jeannette Moser-Orr



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  1. Hello. My families roots lie in New Brunswick Canada and Northern Maine. When there were no distinct border there the French speaking people would go back and forth across the St. John River. They were ruled by the Catholic Church, tasked with adding to the Catholic population. Families were very large and very poor. Sometimes the local priest would visit and if Mama would not be pregnant or nursing he would wonder why. The wild foods would be “fougere” or fiddleheads foraged in the spring, fresh smelt fish during their runs, maple syrup from the “sugar camps” where people would visit during the sugar run and eat baked beans, fresh hot bread and hot cooked maple syrup dropped into the snow to form candy. The summer would have fresh salads with onion tops taken from the garden and tossed with salt and soured fresh cream. The onion tops would be preserved in salt and added to soups and potatoes grown locally. Much of this life is gone now. It was cold and hard and beautiful.


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