Christmas Breakfast

Welcome to Bring Something to the Table!  Here you will find stories of recipes and rituals, what we eat and why. Since this is the holiday season, I thought I would share our Christmas breakfast story.

My husband and I have a traditional breakfast on Christmas morning.  Make that, a tradition for us, but not a Traditional Christmas breakfast.

Every Christmas morning, we have lox and bagels.

Yup.  Not very Christmas-y.

We get up, toast our bagel of preference (his is poppy seed, mine is marble rye and pumpernickel). Slice up red onion and tomato, and slather on the cream cheese. Add lox and enjoy!

We have been doing this for 14 years, our entire marriage together.  I love it, because growing up, I had no  traditions around food.  We ate, but I could not tell you what.  Nothing stands out to me as something my family always traditionally ate. So having this special breakfast is something that adds meaning to the holiday.  It starts our celebration off with a ritual that binds us as a couple and a family.

And who doesn’t like lox at any time of year?

What did your family have for Christmas breakfast?



3 thoughts on “Christmas Breakfast

  1. Growing up, we always had scrambled eggs with bits of green pepper, cheese, and ham in them. Scrapple or sausage, and hominy. As a married adult, we usually skip the sausage or scrapple and substitute bacon instead. Hubby doesn’t like hominy, but I still serve some up for myself. The scrambled eggs remain a staple.


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